I don’t know how many other Home Watch companies are doing business with lending institutions, but I (Coastal Carolina Home Watch) do. Short sales and foreclosures are income producing opportunities for smart and diligent HW businesses. These properties are generally empty, and almost always in need of some type of “help”.  A little mulch, or perhaps a few flowers to give it a little curb appeal. A little paint? A good cleaning? Or even just making sure that there are no bugs running around on the floor, are all income opportunities.  Because I consider Realtors to be my best customers, I joined my local Realtors association as an affiliate.  The information provided by them is incredibly important to my business. More importantly, the networking opportunities are invaluable.
So, now that the top three lenders in SC (my state) have suspended all pending foreclosure proceedings for further review, I have to wonder how I can turn a possible negative into a positive. On one hand, properties that are “on hold” might lead to extended inspections of the property. On the other hand, all needed work might be totally stopped until the mess is sorted out. It is going to be interesting to see. I will keep you posted on how it goes.
FYI – I am amazed at the amount of hits the Association website has been getting. According to Google, over 900 unique (first time) visitors have seen our sight. For those of you who are still on the fence about joining….many states are still not represented on our interactive Member Search page. We at the NHWA are about begin marketing to the second group of potential members. Don’t miss the boat on this!

Much success,