National Home Watch AssociationCHWP_graphicBecause of the incredible growth of Home Watch, it became apparent that anyone could open a Home Watch business and operate with little or no insurance, bonding or even background checks.

The Accredited Members that you see listed on this website have been vetted for proper insurance, consumer complaints, and truthful website content, as well as their agreement to follow the Mission Statement and Code of Ethics of the NHWA. These businesses have separated themselves from the pack by committing to a very high set of standards. These standards assure clients that the people in their homes are truly looking out for their best interests at all times.

Another purpose and goal of the NHWA is to educate the public as to what a Home Watch service does. When Home Watch is mentioned to the average consumer, the general conclusion is that Home Watch is a security service or a house-sitting service. Home Watch is not a security service. It does, however, add a level of security to the property by virtue of the fact that there is a person in the home on a regular basis. Home Watch is not a house-sitting service. House-sitting is when a person physically lives in the home during the homeowner's absence.

Home Watch is a service that visits and inspects the property for the purpose of making sure that "all is well." Home Watch businesses will inform their clients of all issues and generally will be asked to coordinate solutions.

This website was set up to provide information about the NHWA, our Members and our Advisory Board, to outline our Benefits to our Members and to provide general information about the Home Watch Community through our Blog.

We also want to provide homeowners with a way to Search for NHWA Accredited Home Watch Providers in their State or Province, and to get more information about why they should only trust Home Watch businesses that are National Home Watch Association Members to watch their homes.