Become a Certified Home Watch Professional

Since our official launch in 2010, Home Watch businesses have earned their Accredited Member status from the NHWA by meeting requirements and going through a vetting process that assures the public of their commitment to excellence by setting and upholding the very highest of standards in our industry. For the past few years, members of our Advisory Board, Best Practices Committee, as well as members at large, have been talking about creating a training curriculum for our members and their employees. The consensus was that we should “certify” these Home Watch Inspectors/Reporters and give them some sort of designation for them to display on their promotional material and website to announce their accomplishment.

Well, the conversation turned to action early in 2017, when our Advisory Board decided to move forward and begin to put the process in motion. The conversation commenced with discussions of what should be in the curriculum. It only made sense to base it on the NHWA’s Best Practices, Glossary of Terms and lots of input from leading Home Watch business owners throughout the United States and Canada. And, because we take the business of Home Watch so seriously, the curriculum is pretty serious, too.  With that, we are proud to announce the official NHWA Certified Home Watch Professional designation for owners, principals, and employees of an NHWA member company.


How do I earn my NHWA Certified Home Watch Professional designation?

You must be a member in good standing of the NHWA in order to be considered as a candidate for certification. This is achieved by passing a background check and a vetting process conducted by the National Home Watch Association.

There are certain qualifications you will need to have in order to begin the certification course:

  • Membership in the NHWA;
  • Experience in the Home Watch Industry or Home Watch Boot Camp; and
  • Purchase of the $250 curriculum and exam.

In order to obtain and maintain the certification, you must:

  • Pass the exam with a minimum score of 90%; and
  • Complete the requisite continuing education (CE) credits every two years.

Becoming an NHWA Certified Home Watch Professional will earn you the designation of being among the elite in the Home Watch industry. Holding our candidates to the highest qualifications and standards ensures our designees are truly deserving of the title of Certified Home Watch Professional.

Please contact the NHWA for all qualification details at (843) 357-6660 or  

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