Reasons to Join the NHWA


You will be able to promote your company’s accreditation by the NHWA. Being able to display the NHWA logo will improve your company’s credibility and status immediately in the eyes of potential clients, because it has been vetted for proper insurance, bonding and applicable licensing. We also check for consumer complaints and truthful web content. Your accreditation also means that you have agreed to uphold the Code of Ethics set forth by the NHWA. Accreditation carries weight with potential clients.


Because the Home Watch industry is not classified by a NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code, acquiring the correct general liability insurance can be a frustrating process. Being at the mercy of an insurance underwriter that might not have the proper insight as to what Home Watch does often results in companies being classified incorrectly. This makes not only the Home Watch company vulnerable, but also exposes the homeowner to a poorly insured Home Watch company. The NHWA can easily help most members secure a general liability policy that we were instrumental in creating. This exclusive policy actually covers our services…and more. The policy is available only to members in good standing, and can currently be issued in all 50 states. We’ll help, guide and advise you through the insurance quagmire. ***New companies can join prior to accreditation in order to acquire this policy. Call for details.***

Setting the “Gold Standard”

The Home Watch industry has no enforceable rules or regulations. It’s up to serious-minded business owners to take the lead and hold themselves to a high standard in conducting their business. The NHWA is that standard. We are an alliance of Home Watch professionals, committed to being a part of something larger than just our own businesses.

Targeted Marketing

The cost of marketing your business can be exorbitant. The frustration of reaching your target market can be very frustrating. Because the NHWA is the search site for Home Watch, we can help. The NHWA’s website reaches all of the US and Canada.

Our sponsored site is constantly monitored for SEO (search engine optimization), thereby always reaching potential clients who are specifically looking for Home Watch providers. Our blog and social media pages also reach many people.


Who knows more about the Home Watch industry than businesses within the Home Watch industry? The ability to network and share information with non-competitors will give you a huge advantage over the competition. It will also provide you with ways to form reciprocal relationships with other Accredited Members. A Florida company may be able to market to an Ontario company’s clients, or a company in Seattle may do the same with a company in Scottsdale.


Since 2013, NHWA members from the US and Canada have come together in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to attend our annual North American Conference. The main goal is to further the Home Watch industry’s agenda and set the highest bar for accreditation. Because we all face similar challenges regardless of where our businesses are located, Home Watch colleagues are able to learn, share, brainstorm and socialize in a great environment.

Source for Data and Answers

As the “portal” for Home Watch, the NHWA is constantly gathering data and useful information. We are contacted by potential clients, Home Watch businesses, national business concerns, insurance providers, brokers and agents. We always try to gather new information from each new contact.

Mentoring and Training

The NHWA is here to help you. Many members have been mentored by us during their start up phase and have taken advantage of our guidance during their day-to-day operations. We have even had members come to us for one-on-one training. The NHWA is here to help.

Helping to Set the Agenda

The Home Watch industry has work to do. It is incredibly important on many different levels that we are assigned our own classification code by the North American Industry Classification System. This code is the key to being recognized by insurance providers, municipalities, and anything that requires a classification code to determine what Home Watch is. It is no secret that many insurers penalize the owners of vacation homes. One of the other current goals of the NHWA is to make employing an accredited Home Watch company a factor in the insurer’s decision-making process. Not only should this make the acquisition of homeowners insurance easier for absentee owners, but a discount should apply.


The NHWA is constantly approached by companies that want to do business with the Home Watch industry. The NHWA only allows the most reputable companies and industries to become affiliates.These companies must prove to be of value to members and are carefully screened.


These are just a few reasons why joining the NHWA is crucial to the continued growth of our industry. The industry will benefit, as will your company.



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