Benefits of Membership

Robert Huebner
Robert Huebner
My corporate career spans 43 years and has been in very regulated businesses with OTC Health, Beauty, Medical devices and Supplemental consumer products with the FDA. I have been a long member of several national memberships. There are so many benefits of being a part of a professional association. To have the POWER of thousands of like minded individuals all united with common objective, set of standards, ethics in the effort to serve the clients. This takes vision and leadership of many! I am proud to be associated with the NHWA, its Leadership, Management, Staff and fellow members. We all want to do what's right and I tip my hat to Jack who has be the driving inspirational force and "tip of the spear" for years. Well done Jack.
Salvatore Testagrossa
Salvatore Testagrossa
This has been a huge help in understanding how to better service my customers. I have been a handyman for many years and have a lot to learn about home watch. Jack and his team have been an instrumental resource to the growth of my company. I highly recommend becoming a member if you want to grow a reputable home watch business.
Linda Ludwig
Linda Ludwig
I am proud to be a part of NHWA. They provide great support and excellent training to make your business grow.
Taryn Wells
Taryn Wells
We joined the NHWA in March. They have been tremendously helpful in helping us to formalize our Home Watch Business, Crown Home Watch. We have enjoyed their support and watched numerous on line webinars that have helped us answer the many questions we have. The NHWA Connect page is a great platform where members can exchange ideas. The culture of high standards, honesty and ethics they promote differentiates their members from others who are less qualified to be in the Home Watch business. We thoroughly recommend the NHWA to any new companies who are considering getting into the Home Watch Business. Pete and Taryn Wells Crown Home Watch Lakewood Ranch Florida
Hearth Home Services
Hearth Home Services
Both personal and professional... thanks for setting the standard as a business and as human beings!
Doris Fink
Doris Fink
As members of the NHWA since 2015 we have watched this professional organization grow and provide its members with the knowledge to succeed in the home watch industry . They've guided us to the proper insurance, best practices, hands on training, continuing education in addition to the camaraderie and support of members across the country and in Canada all of which accelerates a member's learning curve. They continually roll out new programs to benefit the membership and in turn our clients! Membership in the NHWA helps to create true professionals in this industry and they've only just begun to scratch the surface! We congratulate the founder, Jack Luber on the 10th anniversary of his vision!
Randolph Sawyer
Randolph Sawyer
The staff could not be more helpful. It was easy to set up my accredited business. I am looking forward to many years of close contact with the wonderful people that are members of this great organization.
Vermont Home Watch
Vermont Home Watch
I highly recommend the National Home Watch Association. Jack Luber, the Founder and Executive Director, has to be one of the most passionate business owners and leaders I've come across. After 18 years in the Home Watch business, Jack is a wealth of helpful advice. From the first phone call with the NHWA, the entire staff has been very helpful, knowledgable and follows through on action items. The NHWA is organized and dedicated to providing their member businesses with what they need, and to help its members be successful.
Brian Evans
Brian Evans
I have been a member of the National Home Watch Association for only a few months now, and I can confidently say that it has been an invaluable resource for my home watch business. The organization provides a wealth of information, resources, and support for home watch professionals, helping us to provide the best possible service to our clients. The NHWA's commitment to excellence is evident in everything they do, from their rigorous accreditation process to their ongoing education and training programs. Their focus on professionalism and ethical business practices sets the standard for the industry and inspires confidence in homeowners who entrust their properties to our care. I highly recommend the National Home Watch Association to anyone in the home watch industry who wants to grow and succeed in their business.

Membership in the NHWA Creates Great Value For Your Business!

• Accreditation • NHWA Insurance Program
• Training and Education • Setting the Gold Standard
• Press and Media • Targeted Marketing
• Business Profile and Contact Info • Networking
• Certified Home Watch Professional • Business Basics Curriculum
• Home Watch Boot Camp • North American Conference
• Source for Data and Answers • Helping to Set the Agenda
• Affiliates • Affordable Cost for Annual Membership

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Membership in the NHWA Creates Great Value For Your Business!

  • Accreditation
  • NHWA Insurance Program
  • Training and Education
  • Setting the Gold Standard
  • Press and Media
  • Target Marketing
  • Business Profile and Contact Info
  • Networking
  • Certified Home Watch Professional
  • Business Basics Curriculum
  • Home Watch Boot Camp
  • North American Conference
  • Source for Data and Answers
  • Helping to Set the Agenda
  • Affiliates
  • Affordable Cost for Annual Membership

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Once the vetting process has been completed, your company will become accredited. It shows the public that you have set your company apart from the others. It says that you are privy to the very latest and best policies, procedures and practices in the Home Watch industry. It tells the public that you carry the correct insurance coverage and bonding in order to protect them, that your company has been checked through Consumer Affairs and the BBB for complaints, and that all company principals have been background checked. Accreditation from the NHWA will give your business, new or old, credibility and status.

NHWA Insurance Program offered to Members in Good Standing

The most crucial element of the Home Watch business is having the correct coverage to protect not only your company, but most importantly, your client. And because the Home Watch industry is not recognized by the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System), acquiring the correct general liability insurance can be a frustrating process. Being at the mercy of an insurance underwriter that might not have the proper insight as to what Home Watch is, often results in companies being classified incorrectly. There are many companies who are taking chances by having policies classified as House Sitting, Janitorial, Security, or even Pet Sitting Services. These classifications do not cover what a Home Watch company does. This not only makes the Home Watch company vulnerable, but also exposes the homeowner to a poorly insured Home Watch company. The NHWA Insurance Program provides the most comprehensive coverage that a Home Watch company can have. It is the only industry-specific coverage available. It is also extremely affordable. The program is available only to members in good standing and can be issued to members in all 50 states. We are currently working on this coverage for our Canadian members. We’ll help to guide and advise you through the insurance quagmire.  

Training and Education

The NHWA offers continuing education through webinars and online meetings, conferences, constant conversation, and information sharing through our forums. The NHWA is built on the belief of the sharing of information. By gathering data and ideas from our membership throughout the U.S. and Canada, we are able to compile and share, strengthening the Home Watch industry. Home Watch Boot Camp is available to members, as well as our Certified Home Watch Professional and Business Basics courses.

Setting the “Gold Standard”

Since 2009, the NHWA has been bringing together like-minded Home Watch business owners, forming an alliance of those looking to better our still young industry. Beginning with a Code of Ethics, a Mission Statement, and the belief that protecting our clients from the unscrupulous, uninsured, and untrained, was of the utmost importance, we began to come together. Sharing ideas, knowledge and enthusiasm, the first members of the NHWA set out to “set the gold standard” in our very disjointed industry. Since then, as we’ve grown in size and stature, we have established best practices and a glossary for the Home Watch industry. The NHWA has mentored hundreds of Home Watch companies from their start-up through their day-to-day issues and questions. The NHWA believes in sharing, as this is how the best policies, procedures, and marketing practices are developed.

Press and Media

The NHWA will help to launch your new company or reacquaint your existing company with your local publications upon accreditation and re-accreditation. We will submit a press release and business brief to publications in your area. We will also use the power of social media and blogs to help get your company’s name out and noticed on the internet.

Targeted Marketing and Website Listing

Because the cost of marketing can be exorbitant, reaching a target audience can be difficult, expensive and very frustrating. The NHWA website is fully optimized and is found easily in Canada and U.S. searches. Our site generates over 10,000 visits per month. This directs clients directly to our website. And your company is listed on that website. The NHWA is contacted by potential clients looking for service every day.


Having your own business with no one to bounce ideas off or ask questions of can sometimes make you feel all alone. The NHWA is a “community” of businesses just like yours. The ability to talk, ask questions, and network with other like-minded people is a very powerful advantage to have. Our members learn much from each other and often develop alliances—whether they are in the same vicinity, or in a completely different region. Knowing that you aren’t alone, and that others have probably been through similar situations, make doing business a little easier with the support of the NHWA.

Certified Home Watch Professional (CHWP)

While our member businesses become accredited, company principals and employees of a member in good standing can take a course that will instruct them as to how the Best Practices Committee of the NHWA recommends they perform Home Watch. After successfully passing the exam, they will have earned the designation of Certified Home Watch Professional.

Business Basics Curriculum

The NHWA’s Business Basics curriculum was developed by leading Home Watch providers and some of the most successful people in our profession. Being able to take this class will give the new Home Watch company the inside track while navigating the start-up of their new business. It will also answer a lot of questions that haven’t been asked yet, or even considered. Because “you don’t know what you don’t know yet,” this course is invaluable to the new business.

Home Watch Boot Camp – In Person or Virtual

Two days. One-on-one with your instructor. Each instructor is one of the top Home Watch providers in our profession. You’ll learn essentials in the field…not just in a classroom. And because Home Watch happens all over, the course is adapted for the region you’ll be doing business in. The Certified Home Watch Professional and Business Basics courses are included in the training.

Watch The Benefits of Membership

2019 Conference Attendee Testimonials

    Ready To Join?

    These are just a few reasons why joining the NHWA is crucial to the continued growth of our industry. The industry will benefit, as will your company.

    North American Conference

    Since 2013, Members of the NHWA have gathered in different locations to discuss, learn, brainstorm and network. According to members who have attended, it is by far the best value, with the greatest return on investment.

    Source for Data and Answers

    As the “portal” for Home Watch, the NHWA is constantly gathering data and useful information. We are contacted by potential clients, Home Watch businesses, national business concerns, insurance providers, brokers and agents. We always try to gather new information from each new contact.

    Helping to Set the Agenda

    The Home Watch industry has work to do. It is incredibly important on many different levels that we are assigned our own classification code by the North American Industry Classification System. This code is the key to being recognized by insurance providers, municipalities, and anything that requires a classification code to determine what Home Watch is. It is no secret that many insurers penalize the owners of vacation homes. One of the other current goals of the NHWA is to make employing an accredited Home Watch company a factor in the insurer’s decision-making process. Not only should this make the acquisition of homeowners insurance easier for absentee owners, but a discount should apply.


    The NHWA is constantly approached by companies that want to do business with the Home Watch industry. The NHWA only allows the most reputable companies and industries to become affiliates. These companies must prove to be of value to members and are carefully screened.

    Affordable Cost for Annual Membership

    The annual cost of membership is $495. For the first year only, the NHWA requires an additional $50 per company principle to cover the cost of their background check. Because of the current exchange rate between the Canadian and US Dollar, the NHWA extends a 10% discount plus waiver of credit card convenience fee for its new Canadian members.