National Home Watch Association Advisory Board

National Home Watch Association Advisory Board

Left to right: Steve Stiffler, Diane Santiago, Deena Friedman, Frank Fantasia, Sheila Smith, Carl Lorenzini, Jack Luber, J.P. Lalonde, missing: Doris Fink

Jack Luber

Founder and Executive Director, National Home Watch Association
President, Coastal Carolina Home Watch
Murrells Inlet, SC

Jack Luber started Coastal Carolina Home Watch in 2005 after realizing that he needed the kind of company that didn’t exist in the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina. Like all things he does, he began to build a brand and offer a service that was often copied but never truly replicated. And seeing all the “start-ups” in his area that tried to do Home Watch, he realized that most of these companies did not carry insurance or bonding, or offer any type of protections to client’s privacy, security, and financial well-being if they caused damage, were injured, a theft occurred, or they performed an incomplete inspection while at their client’s home. He knew that this could most definitely impact his own business, and the reputation of Home Watch he was trying to establish.  

Jack founded the National Home Watch Association in 2009 with a goal of establishing standards and requirements for the still un-recognized service industry. Sometimes referred to as “The Godfather of Home Watch”, Jack, along with his Advisory Board, committees, and the members of the NHWA are shaping the future and direction of the Home Watch Industry.  

Jack is a veteran of the theater – acting, writing, and directing stage productions, most recently in the Myrtle Beach Area. He enjoys golf and traveling. Jack lives in Murrells Inlet, SC with his wife Marina.  

Frank Fantasia

Owner, The House Watchers
Winchester, MA

Frank Fantasia (CHWP) is the president of The House Watchers in Winchester, MA. He is a leading and innovating voice in the NHWA, participating in many forums as well as addressing the 2019 Conference. Frank is a highly decorated Vietnam-era and Desert Shield/Desert Storm-era veteran. He also holds a Master’s in Public Administration from Northeastern University. Frank served in the high-tech industry, with a diversified background in sales support, program management, and logistics. This experience and expertise lend to his vision of Home Watch. Frank is also a Home Watch Boot Camp instructor, the Chapter Lead for the NHWA’s New England Chapter, and a co-chair of the NHWA’s Education Committee. His company has been an Accredited Member of the NHWA since 2015.  

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Doris Fink

Co-Founder and Vice-President, A-Z Home Watch Solutions
Jupiter, FL

Doris is the Co-Founder and Vice-President of A-Z Home Watch Solutions, which has been an Accredited Member of the NHWA since 2015.

Doris was born and raised in Boston, MA, and moved to South Florida in 1973. Her professional background led to entrepreneurship in several industries: healthcare, franchising, and most recently advisor and trainer to executives who are seeking business ownership opportunities.

Always looking toward the future and sharing an entrepreneurial spirit with her husband, Artie, Doris embraced the Home Watch industry as a professional family business. “My entire career required a keen eye for detail, excellent communication skills, and a gift for listening to others and providing solutions,” says Doris. She sought out the NHWA specifically because she has always believed in professionalism, education, and shared knowledge from industry leaders.

Doris brings her three greatest strengths to the Advisory Board: relationship building skills, leadership skills, and a passion for helping others.

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Deena Friedman

Owner, Toronto Home Watch
Toronto, ON

Deena, founder of Toronto Home Watch, is a native Torontonian. She lives there with her husband and children and introduced the Home Watch industry to the Toronto market in 2015. Deena has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and taught high school career studies, civics, and geography courses in Toronto for many years. Her family has been managing commercial, retail, and residential property for more than 30 years.

Toronto Home Watch has been an Accredited Member of the NHWA since 2015.

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JP Lalondejp_rd

Owner, Home Watcher LV
Las Vegas, NV

A native of Montreal, Canada, JP Lalonde spent 32 years in the automotive manufacturing industry. JP’s career took him and his family from Canada to Michigan, Kentucky, and finally to Nevada. He retired early as Manufacturing Engineering Director, but not before gaining experience in everything from IT to environmental control and energy management. Soon after retiring, JP moved his family to Las Vegas and quickly became involved in his homeowners association and realized the need for reliable Home Watch services.

JP and Home Watcher LV take the NHWA accreditation very seriously, because it helps protect consumers from “sketchy and under- or uninsured” companies in his area. JP’s experience and commitment to his clients are evident when you speak with him. Home Watcher LV has been an Accredited Member of the NHWA since 2012.

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Carl Lorenzini

Owner, Homewatch Services Etc.
Bonita Springs, FL

Carl Lorenzini is the President of Homewatch Services Etc. of Bonita Springs, FL, which has been an Accredited Member of the National Home Watch Association since 2013.

Carl is originally from Illinois and Indiana and moved to Bonita Springs, Florida in 2001. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and holds a Florida Real Estate Sales Associate license as well as a Florida Community Association Manager (CAM) license. He has been involved in property management for the past 15 years and has managed seasonal and annual investment properties in the Bonita Springs and Naples area, along with a portfolio of several community associations in Fort Myers. Carl understands the importance of maintaining vacant properties and also understands and respects the level of trust extended to him and his company when a client chooses to utilize his Home Watch services. It’s a privilege that comes with great responsibility. That is why Carl’s accreditation and involvement with the NHWA is very important to him.

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Diane Santiago

Co-Owner, Desert Home Guardian Services
Fountain Hills, AZ

Diane spent most of her career in Fortune 100 companies. During the last 15 years of her corporate career, she served as Vice-President and Head of IT Audit. In this role, her primary responsibility was to validate that technology controls were in place to thwart cyber-criminals from accessing sensitive data. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management/Information Technology, a Master’s in Business Administration, and a Coaching Certification. Today, Diane is a proud corporate drop-out, and she and her husband, Pete, own and operate Desert Home Guardian Services and a career coaching company.

Desert Home Guardian Services has been an Accredited Member of the NHWA since 2017.

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Jennifer Frost

Owner, Good Life Home Watch
Saint Petersburg, FL





Good Life Home Watch has been an Accredited Member of the NHWA since 2015.

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